Proper Ring Maintenance: A Guide

Do Not Accent All Five Fingers


When you stack rings, it’s easy to mistakenly go overboard. If you feel like your ring stack looks a bit chaotic, we have a tip: don’t wear rings on all five fingers. If you leave at least among your fingers unadorned, your wedding rings will look a lot more intentional, balanced, and cohesive.

Balance Your Mixed Metals When Stacking Rings

If you like the idea of a combined metal ring stack, but just can’t seem to produce a combined metal appearance you like, think of balance. In some cases, a combined metal precious jewellery stack can start to look untidy. When that takes place, it’s typically a percentage problem. While you can blend metals in any way you like, many people tend to prefer one of two blended metal styles: a uniformly proportioned look or an appearance with one dominant metal.

For example, an equally proportioned look might have an even balance of yellow gold and white gold pieces. 

Or, a dominant metal appearance could be almost all platinum, with simply 2 or three rose gold accent pieces. If you’re not caring about your mixed metal appearance, play around with your percentages. Check out some evenly proportioned ring stacks and some dominant metal ring stacks up until you discover the look that works for you.

Experiment with Placement

If you want to produce an aesthetically intricate, yet balanced ring stack, make sure to experiment with how you position your rings. Rings in different shapes and sizes can make a ring stack look merely extraordinary. But in some cases, it takes a little bit of shuffling to get the balance of a ring stack right. So attempt switching up your ring placement and pulling rings into or out of your stack up until you feel your appearance has simply the best balance.

Have A Good Time and Get Creative

Our last ring stack styling idea is to bear in mind to have fun and get imaginative with the styling procedure! Layering jewellery is all about self-expression. As you play around with different ring stack looks, keep in mind to unwind, have enjoyable, and indulge your imaginative side. Check out brand-new ring styles, try new ring combinations, and just delight in the styling process.

Ways To Style Your Ring Stack:

  1. Mix and match metals.

An all-yellow increased or white gold stack is constantly chic and is a simple method to play it safe if you’re unsure about how to blend metals. If you do choose to mix and match, a sure-fire method to pull off the appearance is by sticking to just 2 metals. 

Choose a dominant colour, then include 2-3 pieces of your 2nd metal colour throughout your stack.

  1. Leave at least one finger bare.

Piling on several rings can go from “simply enough” to “too much” genuine fast, so a simple pointer to avoid overdoing it is to stay with stacking on only 4 fingers at a time. Leaving a minimum of one finger bare develops a more well balanced and cohesive look, instead of a frustrating one. 

I choose to keep either my pinky or thumb bare, but this one’s ultimately up to you.

  1. Differ weights and shapes.

A guaranteed method to develop visual balance in your ring stack is to mix various sorts of weights and shapes. Thick bands, chainrings, eternity bands … you call it. Just make certain that if you integrate a statement ring, the rest of your rings stay reasonably simple so they don’t complete.

Exactly How To Stack Your Rings Like A Pro

Take note of how they fit together. You can produce some truly interesting shapes mixing in a basic flat band with a curved or geometric-shaped ring,

Be sure to mix in visually lightweight rings in addition to your standout declaration rings,” says Gabrielle Hooks, founder of Lovely Hunt. If you pile on vibrant rings, you’ll appear like you’re trying too hard. “Adding in thin, simple bands helps create the well-balanced appearance we’re all going for.”

  • Differ the Ring Positioning

Start with much heavier statement rings at the base of the finger and finish off with a petite midi ring.

  • Do not Forget your Nails

The entire point of the stackable ring look is to accentuate your hands– in other words, nix the grubby nails. Make certain the nail colour you pick balances out the look: “If your fingers are heavily embellished with jewellery and precious metals, it might be a great concept to stabilize this with a more neutral nail colour,” suggests Hooks.

If you feel like your ring stack looks a bit cluttered, we have a suggestion: do not use rings on all five fingers. Try out some evenly proportioned ring stacks and some dominant metal ring stacks until you discover the appearance that works for you. 

If you desire to produce an aesthetically elaborate, yet well-balanced ring stack, be sure to play around with how you put your rings. Rings in different sizes and shapes can make a ring stack appearance just unbelievable. Try switching up your ring placement and pulling rings into or out of your stack till you feel your appearance has simply the ideal balance.

The 8 Biggest Male Strip Clubs Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

So you have decided to go to a strip club. You’ve heard of how fun it is and now you want in on the action. First, let me say that I think this is a great idea! Second, allow me to help you by sharing 8 mistakes people commonly make when going to male strip clubs for the first time.

topless man in black shorts

1) Going Alone

The entire point of going to a strip club with friends is so that fun can be had by all (plus, it makes it easier on your wallet if others are splitting the bill). Of course, we all know what happens when we assume – which brings us right into mistake #2:

2) Assuming They Will Be Friendly That’s right – assuming. 

This mistake is one of the main causes of those awkward moments you will encounter at male strip clubs. The girls that work there are not paid to be friendly. They’ll hold a conversation with you if they want, but do not expect them to sit on your lap and have a good time – keep reading for an explanation as to why.

3) Not Knowing What To Expect

The first thing I recommend doing before going into a strip club is going onto their website and checking out what’s offered. Is there free or discounted drinks? In which room(s) can the action occur? Is there a dress code? These are questions you should know before going in so that you aren’t wasting money.

Some may offer special deals for certain days of the week – keep an eye out on these! Another important thing to note is that some clubs have a no-touching policy. In others, touching between dancers and patrons is allowed, but not encouraged. Finally, do they allow tipping? If so, how much are you expected to tip?

4) Assuming The Girls Are “For Sale”

This mistake often occurs due to lack of knowledge – ignorance isn’t bliss. If a girl spends a lot of time with you or seems overly friendly at the club it probably doesn’t mean she’s interested in you romantically. A common misconception about strip clubs is that every woman there is looking for her next john. This just isn’t true! Think about your local grocery store.

There are probably women working there that you would consider attractive, but do you think they are looking for another man? Of course not! Are there women at the grocery store who are single and looking for a relationship? Yes. Are there also men at the grocery store in committed relationships with children? Yes. Strip clubs are no different.

5) Treating The Staff Like Prostitutes

This is an easy mistake to avoid once you have learned that most strippers do not work there just to find their next husband/man-friend/hookup buddy. With this being said, if she isn’t interested when you approach her it’s time to move on. This brings us to mistake #6:

6) Not Knowing When To Approach Her

I can’t tell you exactly what to say or how to ask a girl out – we all approach differently and, over time, learn what works best for us. My first piece of advice would be to not make it overly sexual (this is an amateur mistake that I have made countless times).

You don’t want to come off as creepy or disgusting by saying something like “I bet your boobs are amazing.” Also avoid ever calling her a prostitute because just like insulting her looks, this will drastically decrease the chances of successful pick-up lines.

7) Getting Drunk/Smashed At A Strip Club 

If there is one place to avoid drinking – especially heavily – it’s a strip club. You’ll make a fool out of yourself and you won’t have any idea how much money is being taken from your wallet. One thing I do recommend though regardless of the establishment serves alcohol or not is that before going in get a sample shot from outside or across the street.

This way, when you enter there isn’t just one drink in front of you. It also gives you an excuse to look around so people think you aren’t checking out all the girls instead of focusing on getting wasted … this leads us right into mistake #8:

8) Secretly Checking Out The Other Girls While Making Eye Contact With Her

Yes, a lot of women go to male strip clubs because they find men attractive. But don’t embarrass yourself by looking around at the other girls as soon as you approach a girl you like because she’ll notice and most likely won’t be happy about it. Save those gazes for when you two are alone!

And There You Have It

These may seem like common sense things to avoid, but if you’ve ever been to a strip club (or gentlemen’s club) then you know there are many people, including women, who make these mistakes. Most men don’t know this stuff and thus won’t be able to avoid it when visiting a gentlemen’s club. Luckily, we do and we want to help!  We hope you enjoyed this article that it has helped you become aware.


Tax Accountants and Tax Specialist For Your Business

A question that comes up often when talking to clients about their business is whether or not there should be a full-time accountant on staff. There are several reasons why having an outside accounting firm for your business might be the right thing.

three women sitting beside table

1. Having an outside accounting firm for your business is a good way to make sure that no financial mistakes are made. Many people fear hiring an accountant because they think that the person could be dishonest and take money from them. There’s also the fear that if you do hire someone, it would require such a large salary that it will affect the profits of your business.

2. It might be cheaper to have an outside accounting firm because you won’t pay benefits or any other type of overhead costs. Although there may still be some cost depending on what the company charges per hour, it usually ends up being less expensive than having a full-time accountant on staff who sits around all day doing nothing except preparing tax reports and other financial reports for the company.

3.  Having an outside accounting firm for your business is a good way to make sure that deadlines will be met because there are actually several people working on the project at once, which usually means it gets done faster than if there was just one person who does all of the work!

It also allows you to have access to more resources and professionals who are experts in their field instead of just someone who might have gotten stuck with this job because they didn’t know what else to do after college.

4. Because taxes are becoming increasingly complex, having someone prepare tax reports every month might be better than having your accountant do it during tax season or trying to remember to do them whenever there’s free time. Instead, you can have them done monthly or however often you’d like so that it will be easier to track the progress of your company.

5. Using an outside accounting firm for your business is a good way to make sure that all tax reports are prepared in time because they could go over all of the financial records and come up with a plan instead of rushing at the last minute when there’s still a lot to be done.

6. Hiring an accountant on staff may not be feasible because you don’t want them doing any other work besides financial reporting, which means their job would basically become obsolete after tax season if they’re not trained for anything else! If you hire someone who in taxes, they will still be around to help with other projects, which means you don’t have to replace them every year when tax season is over.

7. Hiring an accounting firm for your business is a good way to save money because you won’t be paying for benefits or anything like that. Although it can still be expensive depending on what the company charges per hour, it’s usually less than hiring someone full-time and making sure that they’re ready for any type of situation that may come up during tax season or afterwards.

8. Having an outside accounting firm allows the owner to focus more time on growing their business because all of these reports are compiled by experts who know what they’re doing instead of wasting valuable time trying to figure out the tax laws themselves. This is especially important if the company needs to focus on expanding its services or coming up with new ideas so they can grow!

 9. Hiring an accountant for your business means that someone who knows about taxes will be there to help you when it comes time to file them because working with tax laws isn’t always simple, even though it might look like it is.

If the person who prepares the reports does not know anything about taxes, then there’s a chance that something may get overlooked and it will take much longer to resolve everything than if the reports were prepared correctly in the first place.

10. When you hire an outside accounting firm for your business, it allows someone else to see what type of progress is being made with the company’s financial records. This way, you can make sure that there are no mistakes or issues that might come up which means less time spent on this aspect of your business and more time actually working!

In conclusion,  hiring an outside accounting firm for your business is a good idea because they can do everything from preparing regular financial reports to producing tax-related documents, which saves you time and money in the long run. If you only have one person working on these projects then there’s no way that they would be able to meet all of the deadlines alone!

The Ultimate Guide To CRM Data Cleanup

We all know CRM data is complicated, but CRM data cleanup can be downright confusing. CRM data cleanup adds a whole new level of complexity because you have to consider all the other CRM data in your CRM system before beginning because of CRM trends.

Think about it: CSV files are usually used for CRM data imports, and they can only pull CRM data from a CRM system. CRM systems contain a lot of CRM data. CRM data can be really messy and complicated, so CRM data cleanup is often needed to prepare it for importing into CRMs or other CRM-related activities such as business intelligence software.

So what does this mean? It means that before CRM data cleanup begins, CRM data must be consolidated so it can be used in CRM activities.

But consolidation is already a CRM activity, you say! Well said. But consolidating CRM data from multiple CRMs is not the same as CRM data cleanup because CRM systems contain a lot of CRM data that isn’t CRM data at all. CRM data can be general CRM information like CRM software updates, CRM application settings, CRM timezone settings and CRM installation paths. Many CRMs also contain non-CRM data like macros, templates, images and reports.

There are several different ways to consolidate CRM data into one CRM system. CRM data can be consolidated manually one CRM at a time, CRM data can be consolidated manually using advanced Excel functions, CRM data can be consolidated with CRM tools like CRM software or CRM applications, and CRM data can even be consolidated automatically by checking off checkboxes during CRM software installations.

Technology In Business

If you’re anything like me, the CRM data in your CRM software is probably a terrible mess.

It’s full of duplicates, missing information, and just plain ugly records that no one wants to see or read about. 

Well, fear no longer! Here are four tips to help you clean up your CRM data starting today.

1. CRM data cleanup tip #1: clean up your CRM data automatically 

This one is a brainer really. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. It’s easy to go back and make edits manually, but each edit you make can take forever because you have to find every single instance of the problem CRM record. This CRM data cleanup tip is to automate the CRM data cleaning process by using a CRM data cleansing tool. These tools can automatically find and delete duplicates, add missing information, and much more!

2. CRM data cleanup tip #2: cleanse CRM data with an excel file 

Sometimes the CRM data cleansing tool doesn’t give you the results you want or it might not be available for your CRM yet. An alternative CRM data cleanup tip is to create an excel file with all of your CRM data in it, and make sure this excel file has at least two columns: one column with all of the records that should be CRM data and one column with all of the CRM data. Then, remove the CRM data from this excel file that shouldn’t be CRM data, which leaves you with a more manageable CRM excel file that has only CRM data in it.

3. CRM data cleanup tip #3: clean up your CRM data one group at a time 

This CRM data cleanup tip is to clean up CRM data by grouping CRM data together. This allows you to focus on cleaning CRM data from a smaller number of CRM records at once, but it also means that you have to clean up each CRM record individually which can be very tedious.

4. CRM data cleanup tip #4: clean CRM data by CRM field 

This CRM data cleanup tip is to clean CRM data by CRM field, which means that you’ll be cleaning CRM data one CRM field at a time. This can be pretty tedious, but it allows you to focus on CRM data that you think needs CRM data cleanup attention in your CRM the most.

Of course, data in CRMs is never perfect but by applying these CRM data cleanup tips, you’ll be helping to improve it so that it’s more presentable and retrievable for everyone involved with your CRM. There will be more CRM data for CRM users to work with, and fewer CRM user frustrations.


6 Construction Mistakes You Should Avoid

What construction? Well, construction, construction!  That’s the answer. Why didn’t you ask what construction it is that we mean when we say construction?  We’re talking about all construction: construction in every form and shape.  Buildings, roads, bridges: they are all forms of construction–especially buildings.

Anchor Building construction is construction at its finest.  It is a construction that has been perfected over the years; to the point where construction is rarely dangerous. This form of construction is generally very safe, and rarely do you hear about an injury related to construction on a building site.

Construction sites are excellent places for owners to visit in order to see what construction they are getting for their construction dollars.  Construction is a large investment, and construction owners want to be sure that they are constructing the best construction possible.  And if construction happens to be construction you can take advantage of construction, well then so be it.


roof repair

Construction is known to be risky so it is vital that construction companies take every measure possible to ensure the safety of their employees and equipment. However, if construction work is not conducted with care, accidents may happen which can lead to injuries or even fatalities. Here are a few construction mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

  1. Building on a Blacklisted Site

Although construction is already a risky business, construction companies should also aim to stay away from construction sites that have been blacklisted because there’s nothing worse than going through construction hassle and incurring further problems after the construction work has been completed.

  1. Not Opening a Full-Blown Business

Construction work can be short-term or long-term, but construction companies should have a plan in case construction work ends abruptly. Opening up a construction company entails more than just construction permits–companies need to check with the state’s business registration office for start-up costs and other related construction needs.

  1. Using Cheap Materials

When construction companies go the cheap route, they risk construction delays and even construction accidents due to low-quality construction materials. It’s always best to use high-quality construction material, not only because it is safer but also because construction companies will have peace of mind knowing that construction materials are reliable enough to withstand construction activity.

  1. Not Being Flexible

Construction projects are unpredictable, so construction companies need to be flexible enough to cater to construction deadlines especially in case there is a construction delay.

  1. Failing To Implement Safety Measures

Construction accidents have the potential to cause severe injuries or even fatalities not only for construction workers but also for construction site onlookers. Hence, construction companies must implement safety measures in construction projects and cooperate with construction authorities to check construction site safety.

  1. Operating Without a Business License

If construction companies want to start a construction business in their state, they should apply for construction permits from the Department of Consumer Affairs before starting construction activity. Start construction work without being registered with your state’s business registration office and there could be severe consequences such as construction fines and construction delays. Construction accidents can lead to construction tragedy, so construction companies should always be mindful in conducting construction business in a safe and effective manner. 

This is not the only time you can take advantage of construction, however.  Many times there are sales on certain products that are constructed.  For construction, construction companies construction advertise sale prices construction certain construction items when they need to get rid of the construction makes room for new construction. There are many good sales to take advantage of construction throughout the year, but if you know when construction is going on in your area, you may be able to find out construction companies construction make construction deals construction items you can take advantage of construction.