As punk music changed and developed over the UK, it additionally did in Carlisle in its own specific manner. Individuals who were one time Punks/Mods/New Wave shaped new groups and played an alternate kind of music.

I knew Scog (Men Upstairs/Rich Boy Perfection) from the first since forever punk band I was in… in actuality it was anything but a band that gigged, it was 2 of us playing in his folks storm cellar, yet he had a melodic history and, after its all said and done (The Pedestrians/8 From 80); and we find, as punks grew up in the mid 80s, so did the performers, mirroring the melodic changes that were occurring across the nation. The ’80 from 80′ group had transmuted into “style” !

Neil and Duno (Daisychain), and Scog I knew from Trinity school (Carlisle is such a spot where you know everybody… somewhat), Duno being a parker Mod with a smile as wide as the Solway Estuary; Neil, I had a “fairly rich drum” dislike our D.I.Y punk endeavors.

The 2 groups here were a delegate of the music scene I am discussing. I don’t think a lot about their history, Carlisle being little, yet it is anything but difficult to move in altogether different circles. Be that as it may, welcome others to recount to their story.

The Men Upstairs

Scratch Scott states, “The Twiggs and “The Men Upstairs” adjust personalities… The Men Upstairs was me and Paul Musgrave who was the second artist in ‘Celtic Storm’ after Dave Beattie”

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