There are strains of hemp that are low in THC and high in CBD but the species that produce the best amounts of CBD also contain a little too much THC to be legal. In the UK, the legal limit of THC was only 0.2% and currently there is a storm of contention over legislation to outlaw any part of a hemp plant or extract containing more than 1mg of THC. Thankfully for many growers and suppliers this new law is not presently being enforced and may hopefully be revoked. The problem that the constantly changing legal goal posts and rigorous limiting of a naturally occurring and ineradicable substance gives for all in the CBD supply chain can be understood in terms of the very limited amount of hemp available that actually satisfies the legal restrictions while providing enough CBD to be viable. Plain industrial hemp contains neither cannabinoid in appreciable quantities which is why it can be grown without the restrictions of “Marijuana” but a great deal of industrial hemp would have to be processed to produce a little CBD.

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Benefits of CBD Products

You may now be realising the implications of this situation. If suppliers of whole plant CBD have to use a great amount of highly processed leaves (where most of the toxins get stored) to comply with the law, the chances of contamination is much greater. The most crudely extracted CBD paste taken from (so-called) “industrial hemp” leaves is truly an inferior starter material for formulating CBD rich oil products.

In order to play safely within the bounds of the law and be competitive on price, many companies are now turning to so-called CBD “Isolate”, sometimes from high resin Cannabis, but sometimes also from Industrial Hemp. Isolate is CBD in its pure one molecule form. However, heavily processed “pure” CBD or “Isolate” lacks the full spectrum of aromatic terpenes and other cannabinoids found in Cannabis paste extract from high resin plants. These compounds act synergistically with CBD to enhance its therapeutic effects. Scientific research shows that whole plant CBD rich cannabis oil has a broader range of therapeutic attributes and greater therapeutic efficacy than single molecule CBD.


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