There is a fundamental spiritual principle that leads us to Astral Projection travel to the spiritual planes for a variety of reasons. Some are soul searching and others are learning new things in the physical world, but whatever the reason, traveling to the spiritual realms has proven to be one of the most effective ways of knowing yourself and of growing spiritually. The spiritual principle that leads us to travel to the Astral plane is consciousness. This is the highest level of consciousness that our three physical bodies can experience.

Astral Projection – Tips on What You May Need When Travelling

By traveling to the Astral plane, we can access information and learning that is not available in the physical realm. The end result is an expansion of our consciousness. In order to fully enjoy a full astral projection, we must have a lot of energy, which is generally transferred from the physical body to the astral body. The more energy is present, the more powerful the Astral Projection will be. However, when this happens, we tend to enter into a higher dimensional realm.

There are many dimensions that we travel into during a trip to the dimensional realm. It is similar to our five senses, except it takes all of our senses into account. We can travel to the astral dimension with our five physical senses, or we can use the astral dimension to enhance, enhance our mental and spiritual capacities.

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