Cosmetic tattoos have been the go-to decision for a wide range of ladies for a considerable length of time. Wouldn’t it be ideal to get up toward the beginning of the day, wash your face, and simply go, with your face already made up? 

Regardless of whether you simply think that its hard to get that ideal eyeliner shape, or on the off chance that you might want to have the option to avoid a couple of cosmetics steps in your daily schedule, cosmetic tattoos may merit considering. In any case, similarly as with any significant cosmetic method, you should know precisely what you’re getting into before completing your cosmetic tatoos.

Here are some cosmetic tattoos that you should consider: 


Scar Camouflage 

Scar camouflage is a tattoo of the skin with a skin colored shade to veil a scar. The most notable use is for mastectomy scars, but specialists can also cover different types of scars, stretch imprints, or skin break outs. 

Professionals can begin by evaluating the scar and custom-mixing a shade to coordinate the color to the customer’s skin precisely. They then embed the color in thin layers around one millimeter beneath the skin’s surface. The completed item will take a few meetings, planned five to 6 weeks apart to account for recuperation in between every meeting. 

Anybody with scars lighter than their normal skin shading is a, by and large, incredible candidate for the administration of this procedure. This treatment doesn’t function admirably on scars that are naturally colored, purple, or red. At the point when that is the situation, laser and dying treatment ought to be done first, before going through the camouflage. While this treatment functions admirably on hypertrophied scars, keloid scars are not a contender for this treatment. 

The scar (or stretch imprint) additionally should be completely recuperated (taking generally eight to twelve months) so any remaining redness or purple hues have completely vanished leaving the zone with a disturbance in the melanin creation process. Individuals who have hypopigmentation spots are likewise generally good candidates on account of the patches of skin that are lighter than your general skin tone. Frequently, these are brought about by skin break outs or sun damage. 

The most well-known hazard is terrible artistry. A few professionals simply mortar together a blend of white and earthy colors to attempt to take after a skin tone. Due to the atomic structure of the shading, the natural color will turn orange after some time and the white remains permanently bright, which has the contrary impact of making the scar much more evident. As with each kind of cosmetic tattoo, get your work done and ensure your artist’s technique resonates with you. 


scar camouflage tattoo


Lip Blushing 

When picking the correct design and color, you ought to consider if the lips are even, and if you need to make them similar in fullness to make the ideal lips. Since our features are rarely totally even, we have to make our lips as balanced as conceivable without making them look excessively enormous or exaggerated. 


Stretch Marks 

While numerous ladies figure out how to cherish their fight scars and tiger stripes, others choose to put resources into cosmetic tattoos to limit the presence of their stretch imprints. While the system doesn’t free you of stretch marks, a specialist or artist can radically improve the appearance of them by tattooing with natural skin matching colors. Nonetheless, you should be cautioned that inking over your stretch marks is no simple feat! 


Cosmetic tattoos can be a helpful apparatus in disguising scars. On the off chance that your skin has scars or no longer holds its ordinary color, for example, after reconstructive medical procedure, cosmetic tattoos can help return the skin to its natural color. And keeping in mind that it might appear like you’re battling fire with fire, a few people utilize cosmetic tattoos to cover the scars they got from having tattoos removed. Should you wish to improve your eyebrows through the use of cosmetic tattoos, then Rachael Bebe eyebrow tattoos would be a perfect match for you!

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