Sticker paper is a thin, white, laminated paper that is used by craftsmen for their creations, such as scrapbooks, crafts, paintings, decals, and much more. Craftsmen love stickers because they make their projects even more enjoyable and useful. Many craft stores and specialty shops sell sticker paper, which is not only easy to purchase, but also makes a great gift idea for friends, family, and colleagues. The sticker paper itself comes in several different sizes, as well as various colors. However, most printers at most craft stores are specifically designed to print on paper, commonly referred to as Letter‮ sized paper. U.S. based Etsy sellers usually purchase sticker paper in this standard size, and then use their special cutting machines to ‘kiss off’ cut the sheets into their desired sizes.

Sticker paper make your projects even more enjoyable and useful

This type of craft stores are not the only ones that can provide their customers with this special paper, though. Most other craft stores, especially those that are located online, will often have these sheets for sale. Some craft stores, however, do not always have their stock of sticker paper on hand, so they will ask that you call ahead and make arrangements for your order.

If the craft store does not have the sticker paper that you are interested in buying, however, they may be able to order it for you, depending on what type of sticker paper you are looking for.

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