An agency that is honest and helpful is one that is well worth working with. If you are looking to pay less for home care, it is wise to do a little homework before choosing an agency and to look for a provider who has a good reputation and a history of helping those who need the support. The unique and important function of the home care agency is to give special and specialized care to homebound elderly patients. Home care employees must strictly follow a doctor approved treatment plan of care and update it each month in order to qualify for Medicare Part A benefits. Homecare agencies are not paid directly by Medicare and therefore must rely on the revenue generated from private health insurance plans. vist them

Staying Healthy For the Home Care Agency Provider

To be a home care agency, there must be an approved Home Care Assessor who is a qualified medical professional and has an established accreditation and who is authorized by the state to administer assessments. If a home care agency fails to meet these requirements it can be immediately shut down.

An individual is eligible to become a home care agency once they have completed their bachelor’s degree, pass an examination, pass a background check, and submit a complete application for employment. Once approved, the care agency will be registered as a Homecare Agency and will be required to have their own medical staff. The care agency can employ only certified nursing assistants (CNA) and not hospital-licensed health care providers.

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