Yoga mat bag with a zip-closure drawstring are handy to carry your mat when you are in the middle of your daily routine. Yoga bags with zippered pockets are great for stashing your cell phone, keys, wallet and other important accessories while out on the go. A yoga mat bag is a must have accessory for yoga practitioners everywhere because of its ability to keep your mat dry and safe. They also give you that extra piece of mind to have your yoga mat with you when you are going out to enjoy the sun. With so many styles available on the market, how do you know which bag is best suited for you?


One of the first things you should consider is the type of yoga mat you have, whether it is a synthetic or natural mat. If you are an advanced practitioner who is constantly practicing the basic moves, then a bag with a wider bag opening may be more convenient for you. The bag should also have plenty of room to pack all your yoga supplies as well as your other clothes and accessories. If you want to add more comfort, go with a yoga mat bag that has a comfortable padded shoulder strap and back pocket. The wide openings of these bags also make it convenient to take your yoga mat along with you during your travel.


If you are a beginner in yoga, a yoga mat bag will be the perfect place to store your mat while you are practicing. You can also use them as a storage space for personal items. Some yoga bags are equipped with zippered pockets and side zips to make it easier for you to hang your mat without having to put it on the floor. In addition to being comfortable, the wide openings of bags are also beneficial because they allow you to see what is underneath, allowing you to easily spot what you need. Many yoga mats are made of natural materials such as cotton or hemp, but there are also several other options for you to choose from including canvas and rubber mats. Yoga mats also come in different colors and designs and these bags should match the style of mat you have.


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