Does The Style Of Your Wedding Shoes Matter?

You normally can’t see your shoes when you’re in your wedding dress. If you like many women are using a wedding event gown that will conceal your shoes throughout the event and reception, then you may be questioning if the style really matters all that much. 

When it comes to wedding attire, a comfortable pair of shoes is absolutely necessary- whether you’re the one getting hitched. You’ve got to make it from the event to the reception to the unavoidable afterparty- all on your feet. Oh, and not to mention, hours of standing in front of the video camera.

And while you might be lured to wear flats instead of heels to spare your tootsies from post-wedding agony and about a dozen blisters, that’s in fact not the best idea, Completely flat shoes may mess with the arch in your foot, resulting in heel discomfort, shin splints, and knee or pain in the back.

Rather, search for a shoe with a 1- to 3-inch heel and integrated arch assistance for optimum comfort and staying power, From kitty cat heels to slides to wedges, these comfortable wedding shoes have all of it.

Wedding shoes

Think of it as a financial investment

If you have actually been eyeing a particular pair of shoes for years, this may be the time to spend lavishly, Loads of women use nontraditional shoes on the big day because they’re barely seen.

Focus on Comfort

Keep in mind that the shoes you decide to wear are the ones you’ll have on from your very first look straight through your huge exit– unless, of course, you plan ahead and select another pair that works with your dress’s hemline.

If you do not want to go through the inconvenience of discovering a stiletto and a comfy pair for afterwards, consider choosing a shoe that will keep your feet happy all day long. Make sure you can conveniently cut a carpet wearing those heels.

Wedding shoes

Ankle Strap Shoe

These naked, chunky-heeled sandals will fit right in at any wedding- no matter the time of year. And with evaluations like these are the most comfortable heels, I think I’ve ever worn and I have actually now been to two weddings where I was the last lady still using her heels at the end of the night, you’ll love how they feel, too.

The Day Heel

Not just do the heels on these shoe clocks in at a super comfortable 2 inches, they also include a sturdy block heel, which is a type of all the rage these days. Plus, the elastic back ensures that they’ll extend to fit your heel, not cut into it.

Issy Mule

Okay, transparent shoes are quite a thing, and if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, consider this your individual invite. You’ll like that these mules include not only a 2.5-inch Lucite heel but rhinestone accents, too. All the glamour, none of the discomfort.

Hazel Pointy Toe Pump

The timeless, clean silhouette of these pumps will opt for essentially any wedding gown, while the low heel and cushioned sole keep things extremely comfy. But they’re not just for brides- you can rock these heels in 13 various charming colours.

Lima Pumps

These are simply over the 3-inch mark, however, you’ll wish to make an exception given that– with an extra-cushioned footbed– they’re pretty darn perfect otherwise. 

Hot Zone Wedge Shoe

Wondering what to use for an outside wedding event? Cue the wedge. These casual white wedges feature a cushioned footbed, so your toes can rest easy, no matter where you take ’em. When you don’t desire your heels sinking into sand or grass, consider this your new go-to.

For more special designs, check this website and see the very best wedding shoe stores in Melbourne.


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