The display still works, and maybe the touchscreen controls too. What do you do now? Here are some things to do right after splitting your phone’s screen.

broken phone

Does Phone Insurance Coverage Cover A Cracked Screen?

The first thing to do is inspect if your phone insurance coverage covers cracked screens, and under what conditions. Setting up a fix needs to be uncomplicated if so. In many cases, the main issue is going to be without your phone for a couple of days.

That’s as bad as it gets (although you may have to pay an excess charge).

The issues with split smartphone screens begin when it transpires you can not get a replacement screen on the insurance coverage. You’ll be required to take matters into your own hands when this takes place.

Use An Old Cell Phone

You require a phone, however, your screen is cracked. So, what can you do? Well, a good option is to simply utilize an old phone instead.

Whether your phone can not be used due to the smashed screen, or it’s been sent away for repairs, you’ll need a replacement. The best location to find one is generally stored in the back of a drawer.

Screen Protector

This is the gussied-up version of the packing tape solution. It ensures you have no joints and a tidy line around the edges of the screen. Granted, that may not be much of a concern when there’s a spider web of fractures underneath.

Employ A Pro

You can constantly simply take your phone into the shop. Check FIX MY PHONE NOW and go to this site.

Handle It

Presuming your gadget’s broken screen isn’t dramatically disrupting your ability to use your phone, or making your fingers bleed, you might wish to simply ride out the cracks until you get a new phone (or until it does make your fingers bleed). 

To make your device last as long as possible, cracks and all, I recommend putting it in a strong, shockproof case, because any bumps or drops might trigger more damage. If the cracks on the screen cross-functional location, you might likewise want to check out a glass screen protector– to protect your fingers from cuts and to protect your screen from more damage.

Trade-In Your Phone If All Else Stops Working

Vendors will purchase your phone so you can get a brand-new one, however, understand that damaged phones will only get you about half of what the device was initially worth.


If you broke your mobile phone screen during the maker’s warranty period, there’s a possibility– a really little one– that you can get the gadget fixed at no charge. Be aware, though, that most warranties do not cover unexpected damage. 

And if you do somehow manage to get the maker to look after the phone repair, shipping the device out ensures you won’t get a quick repair.


The plan might include damaged screen repair if you have smartphone insurance. In most cases, you’ll have to pay a deductible to repair the phone– the service will not be free. Plus, considering that you’ll have to ship out the gadget and wait for it to come back, you may lack a phone for longer than you’d like.

DIY Phone Repair

If you’re helpful, you may consider taking the DIY approach, thinking you’ll conserve money if you fix the phone yourself. And to repair a damaged smartphone screen, you might require to buy unique tools or a phone repair work package.

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