It’s 2016, and technology is all around us. There are still some who are reluctant when phrases like “the cloud” and “automation” come up in conversation. Especially when it concerns cash.

We get it if that’s you. Paper checks as we understand them have been around given that the 1500s and paper currency was around hundreds of years before that. We have actually all been working in this manner for decades. Relyco opened its doors in 1989 with paper checks as the flagship item.

As time passes and technology advances, paper checks may be costing organizations more than assisting them to make payments.

Payment automation can help you conserve up to 60 per cent in costs and payment processing expenses, and that’s simply one of the benefits. What are the rest? We were getting to that … 

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Gain Access To Your Accounts At Any Time, Anywhere

Does everyone in your company work in the same place, all the time? What occurs when an invoice requires to be authorized but the one in charge is in Toledo?

Cloud-based payment automation enables companies that are geographically dispersed to share info and accelerate the accounts payable process. Our partner, AvidXchange, keeps in mind that one property management customer had people physically driving to other locations with billings that needed immediate approval before moving to a cloud-based solution.

Accomplishing automation requires including brand-new software and defining new payment processes. A business that automates their payments procedure gain numerous benefits that help the entire business, consisting of:

Fewer mistakes paying invoices. Automation reduces the risk of paying inaccurate or duplicate billings by comparing the invoices to other data sources. Invoices can be instantly matched versus order and receipts to validate amounts, and replicate invoices– whether including a duplicated billing number or a duplicate transaction– can be immediately rejected.

Compliance with company invoice approval policy. The suitable authorizations are constantly gotten before payment is made because automation paths billings for approval straight and just to the authorized managers.

Compliance with regulatory requirements. The improved storage, search and retrieval capabilities of digitized billings indicate records are more quickly kept and examined.

Minimized expenses to process payments. The structured process is more effective, eliminates manual actions and releases up staff to work on other business functions.

Lockbox Integration

Ditch paper processing once and for all with a secure, electronic lockbox service that offers payment exposure and combined remittance data. The lockbox offers clients a single place to view payment information and makes it easily accessible to receivables.

Single Receivables Processing Center

The different information capturing points in an AP back office can be frustrating. A single receivables processing centre eases this problem by aggregating payment types and capture points into one workflow.

Analysis And Reporting Performance

This function may be the very best of all. Offering pattern analysis and information reporting is an important tool in the AP department personnel’s toolbox for forecasting cash flow. The capability to export information and rapidly get payment info is a desired tool helpful for monetary reporting functions and even audit tracks.

Much Better Usage Oautomatesf Skill

Just when everyone thought that automation spelled doom for employees throughout many industries, the exact reverse is taking place. ‘automation can make firms flexible enough to reorganize their personnel allocations’ and ‘reassign workers to revenue-generating tasks’.

Accounts Payable departments may have had to handle a lot of operational modifications just recently. Through the adoption of digital technologies such as accounts payable automation software application, AP departments are quickly getting around these changes and are getting the capability to enhance the ways they operate and make a major impact within the company.

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