Garage storage is a unique challenge. Should you store each item in an individual garage space, or do you utilize garage walls to share the weight of heavy items and save garage space? Here are tips on how to save spaces in garage storage

  1. Use Garage Walls for Productivity

Garage walls typically have studs 16″ apart, so this makes it easy to use the garage wall as a shelf when possible. When using garage walls for storing several objects on one shelf, place similar types of objects together in their compartments for better organization. For instance, put all your tools that work with wrenches in one corner of your garage wall and then all your power tools together in another section of the garage wall.

  1. Use garage Walls for Heavy Items

It is not advisable to use garage walls as a shelf for garage storage if the garage wall contains several heavy objects or if it is not braced well enough. If garage walls are strong enough, you can hang up your heavier items on garage walls that have studs at least 16″ apart. This configuration provides more than enough support for most of your larger tools and other garage storage needs.

  1. Utilize Garage Wall Openings

Garage door openings allow easy access to items stored in the garage, but make sure you do not place any taller items behind garage door openings; this will cramp your garage space and hinder movement through the garage doors when they open. A great example of garage wall openings is garage wall storage systems such as Johnson Systems garage wall panels. These garage walls allow garage storage and access to specific garage spaces.

  1. Utilize garage Ceiling Space

The garage ceiling is a great place for storing and organizing your garage storage. If you need garage storage in the form of overhead garage shelves, garage ceiling hooks and garage ceiling racks system will work well if you have enough height in your garage.

  1. Use Garage Floor for Multiple Uses

While garage floors are generally used for cars, they can also be great places to store other types of objects such as boxes, heavy tools and outdoor equipment like bicycles and garden rakes when necessary. When using the garage floor space, make sure not to let any items stick out too far; this will interfere with car movement when they drive in or out of the garage

  1. Use garage Storage Units

Garage storage units are designed to utilize garage spaces efficiently by making garage storage more visible and organized. Garage storage units can be placed on garage walls or garage floors, but garage floor garage storage units are much easier to move around than the other types because garage floor space is larger than vertical wall space in most garages. Placement of garage storage units should be done strategically; make sure you leave enough room for cars to drive through when necessary. Vehicle maneuverability will also be improved if the garage has an open, uncluttered look with no boxes or heavy tools along the sides of the garage floor that may impede the movement of cars into and out of their garage spaces. Making your garage easy to use.

It is also advisable to garage doors as garage storage shelves, garage cabinets and garage drawers to keep garage spaces uncluttered. Smaller garage objects such as hand tools can be stored in garage wall pockets and garage kick plates that attach to the bottom of garage walls and garage doors. Garage lighting can also play a major role in making your garage easier to use.

Garage storage is a garage must for most homeowners because garage spaces are often used as dumping grounds for various garage storage items. The garage is generally an unorganized space full of clutter and tough to maneuver through especially if it is cluttered with garage objects such as rakes, shovels and hand tools.

By carefully utilizing your garage wall, garage ceiling and garage floor spaces you can keep your garage organized enough to allow easy access without any major interference from larger objects that simply take up too much space in the garage. Utilizing all available garage storage space will help you maximize the use of your garage by using vertical wall spaces, overhead shelf space, garage door openings and even themselves for small objects that need frequent garage access. Visit site for more information.

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