So you have decided to go to a strip club. You’ve heard of how fun it is and now you want in on the action. First, let me say that I think this is a great idea! Second, allow me to help you by sharing 8 mistakes people commonly make when going to male strip clubs for the first time.

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1) Going Alone

The entire point of going to a strip club with friends is so that fun can be had by all (plus, it makes it easier on your wallet if others are splitting the bill). Of course, we all know what happens when we assume – which brings us right into mistake #2:

2) Assuming They Will Be Friendly That’s right – assuming. 

This mistake is one of the main causes of those awkward moments you will encounter at male strip clubs. The girls that work there are not paid to be friendly. They’ll hold a conversation with you if they want, but do not expect them to sit on your lap and have a good time – keep reading for an explanation as to why.

3) Not Knowing What To Expect

The first thing I recommend doing before going into a strip club is going onto their website and checking out what’s offered. Is there free or discounted drinks? In which room(s) can the action occur? Is there a dress code? These are questions you should know before going in so that you aren’t wasting money.

Some may offer special deals for certain days of the week – keep an eye out on these! Another important thing to note is that some clubs have a no-touching policy. In others, touching between dancers and patrons is allowed, but not encouraged. Finally, do they allow tipping? If so, how much are you expected to tip?

4) Assuming The Girls Are “For Sale”

This mistake often occurs due to lack of knowledge – ignorance isn’t bliss. If a girl spends a lot of time with you or seems overly friendly at the club it probably doesn’t mean she’s interested in you romantically. A common misconception about strip clubs is that every woman there is looking for her next john. This just isn’t true! Think about your local grocery store.

There are probably women working there that you would consider attractive, but do you think they are looking for another man? Of course not! Are there women at the grocery store who are single and looking for a relationship? Yes. Are there also men at the grocery store in committed relationships with children? Yes. Strip clubs are no different.

5) Treating The Staff Like Prostitutes

This is an easy mistake to avoid once you have learned that most strippers do not work there just to find their next husband/man-friend/hookup buddy. With this being said, if she isn’t interested when you approach her it’s time to move on. This brings us to mistake #6:

6) Not Knowing When To Approach Her

I can’t tell you exactly what to say or how to ask a girl out – we all approach differently and, over time, learn what works best for us. My first piece of advice would be to not make it overly sexual (this is an amateur mistake that I have made countless times).

You don’t want to come off as creepy or disgusting by saying something like “I bet your boobs are amazing.” Also avoid ever calling her a prostitute because just like insulting her looks, this will drastically decrease the chances of successful pick-up lines.

7) Getting Drunk/Smashed At A Strip Club 

If there is one place to avoid drinking – especially heavily – it’s a strip club. You’ll make a fool out of yourself and you won’t have any idea how much money is being taken from your wallet. One thing I do recommend though regardless of the establishment serves alcohol or not is that before going in get a sample shot from outside or across the street.

This way, when you enter there isn’t just one drink in front of you. It also gives you an excuse to look around so people think you aren’t checking out all the girls instead of focusing on getting wasted … this leads us right into mistake #8:

8) Secretly Checking Out The Other Girls While Making Eye Contact With Her

Yes, a lot of women go to male strip clubs because they find men attractive. But don’t embarrass yourself by looking around at the other girls as soon as you approach a girl you like because she’ll notice and most likely won’t be happy about it. Save those gazes for when you two are alone!

And There You Have It

These may seem like common sense things to avoid, but if you’ve ever been to a strip club (or gentlemen’s club) then you know there are many people, including women, who make these mistakes. Most men don’t know this stuff and thus won’t be able to avoid it when visiting a gentlemen’s club. Luckily, we do and we want to help!  We hope you enjoyed this article that it has helped you become aware.


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