Do Not Accent All Five Fingers


When you stack rings, it’s easy to mistakenly go overboard. If you feel like your ring stack looks a bit chaotic, we have a tip: don’t wear rings on all five fingers. If you leave at least among your fingers unadorned, your wedding rings will look a lot more intentional, balanced, and cohesive.

Balance Your Mixed Metals When Stacking Rings

If you like the idea of a combined metal ring stack, but just can’t seem to produce a combined metal appearance you like, think of balance. In some cases, a combined metal precious jewellery stack can start to look untidy. When that takes place, it’s typically a percentage problem. While you can blend metals in any way you like, many people tend to prefer one of two blended metal styles: a uniformly proportioned look or an appearance with one dominant metal.

For example, an equally proportioned look might have an even balance of yellow gold and white gold pieces. 

Or, a dominant metal appearance could be almost all platinum, with simply 2 or three rose gold accent pieces. If you’re not caring about your mixed metal appearance, play around with your percentages. Check out some evenly proportioned ring stacks and some dominant metal ring stacks up until you discover the look that works for you.

Experiment with Placement

If you want to produce an aesthetically intricate, yet balanced ring stack, make sure to experiment with how you position your rings. Rings in different shapes and sizes can make a ring stack look merely extraordinary. But in some cases, it takes a little bit of shuffling to get the balance of a ring stack right. So attempt switching up your ring placement and pulling rings into or out of your stack up until you feel your appearance has simply the best balance.

Have A Good Time and Get Creative

Our last ring stack styling idea is to bear in mind to have fun and get imaginative with the styling procedure! Layering jewellery is all about self-expression. As you play around with different ring stack looks, keep in mind to unwind, have enjoyable, and indulge your imaginative side. Check out brand-new ring styles, try new ring combinations, and just delight in the styling process.

Ways To Style Your Ring Stack:

  1. Mix and match metals.

An all-yellow increased or white gold stack is constantly chic and is a simple method to play it safe if you’re unsure about how to blend metals. If you do choose to mix and match, a sure-fire method to pull off the appearance is by sticking to just 2 metals. 

Choose a dominant colour, then include 2-3 pieces of your 2nd metal colour throughout your stack.

  1. Leave at least one finger bare.

Piling on several rings can go from “simply enough” to “too much” genuine fast, so a simple pointer to avoid overdoing it is to stay with stacking on only 4 fingers at a time. Leaving a minimum of one finger bare develops a more well balanced and cohesive look, instead of a frustrating one. 

I choose to keep either my pinky or thumb bare, but this one’s ultimately up to you.

  1. Differ weights and shapes.

A guaranteed method to develop visual balance in your ring stack is to mix various sorts of weights and shapes. Thick bands, chainrings, eternity bands … you call it. Just make certain that if you integrate a statement ring, the rest of your rings stay reasonably simple so they don’t complete.

Exactly How To Stack Your Rings Like A Pro

Take note of how they fit together. You can produce some truly interesting shapes mixing in a basic flat band with a curved or geometric-shaped ring,

Be sure to mix in visually lightweight rings in addition to your standout declaration rings,” says Gabrielle Hooks, founder of Lovely Hunt. If you pile on vibrant rings, you’ll appear like you’re trying too hard. “Adding in thin, simple bands helps create the well-balanced appearance we’re all going for.”

  • Differ the Ring Positioning

Start with much heavier statement rings at the base of the finger and finish off with a petite midi ring.

  • Do not Forget your Nails

The entire point of the stackable ring look is to accentuate your hands– in other words, nix the grubby nails. Make certain the nail colour you pick balances out the look: “If your fingers are heavily embellished with jewellery and precious metals, it might be a great concept to stabilize this with a more neutral nail colour,” suggests Hooks.

If you feel like your ring stack looks a bit cluttered, we have a suggestion: do not use rings on all five fingers. Try out some evenly proportioned ring stacks and some dominant metal ring stacks until you discover the appearance that works for you. 

If you desire to produce an aesthetically elaborate, yet well-balanced ring stack, be sure to play around with how you put your rings. Rings in different sizes and shapes can make a ring stack appearance just unbelievable. Try switching up your ring placement and pulling rings into or out of your stack till you feel your appearance has simply the ideal balance.

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