What are the Different Types of Medical Beds?

If you are looking for a new hospital bed, it can be overwhelming to think about all of the different types of medical beds out there. You can choose from adjustable air beds, manually adjustable beds, motorized beds and even automatic electronic medical beds. Let’s review some common terms that will help you understand what type is right for your needs.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable hospital beds are beds that allow you to adjust their position in various ways; they usually consist of mobile elements that facilitate positioning. Some adjustable beds use electricity or pneumatic power systems to move the mattress base, others may offer manual controls.

The History of the Hospital Beds and Their Development - MedPlus

 Here are some examples of available adjustments:

– An electric adjustable bed allows you to change its height, usually with the assistance of a control pad. This feature is especially helpful if you need to control your mattress position from a wheelchair or recliner. Powered height adjustment also makes it easier to transfer onto and off of the bed.

– While most adjustable beds allow you to elevate or lower the head and foot of the mattress, some special models may offer more options for positioning your body properly while lying down. For example, an electric adjustable bed might be able to raise one side of the bed, creating a sort of incline that can help reduce reflux symptoms.

– There are also motorized adjustable beds that allow you to adjust or move all components simultaneously. These types of medical beds are typically made for people who use wheelchairs.

– Some adjustable beds can be reclined in multiple positions. If you prefer to read or watch TV in bed, this feature will allow you to elevate your head and upper body while lying flat on your back.

What are Manual Adjustable Beds?

A manual adjustable bed is a type of medical bed that features motors that can lift the head, foot and/or entire mattress up and down to help you get into different positions while lying down. Unlike electric adjustable beds, which use batteries or electrical outlets, these models don’t need any energy source because they rely on human power. 

This makes them more affordable than powered options; however, some manual adjustable may not be suitable for people who have limited ability to push themselves up or move heavy objects. Before purchasing this type of adjustable bed, make sure you can easily adjust the mattress to help avoid any accidents during use.

Manual Adjustable Mattress Available at Healthcare Lifts

Manually adjustable beds are offered in many different styles; however, they all have one thing in common: people who use them must be able to push themselves up while lying on their back with both hands. This feature does not require a lot of effort, but it will still take some strength and coordination for people whose illnesses or disabilities have left them weak or disabled. If this sounds like your situation, consider talking to your doctor about whether an electric adjustable bed might be a better choice for you. 

What is a Motorized Bed?

Motorized adjustable beds are equipped with controls that allow people to easily raise and lower the head, foot and entire mattress all at once. This feature of motorized beds can make it easier for users who have limited mobility or strength; however, there are some things you should keep in mind before making this type of medical bed your own.

– Motors on motorized adjustable beds do require some maintenance. Even though these types of hospital beds don’t consume a lot of energy, dust may build up over time on the gears inside the motors. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, this could be an issue for you.

– Medical beds that use electricity need batteries to power the motors. Make sure your battery system is always fully charged so you don’t have any issues while you sleep.

– In some cases, a powered adjustable bed might not be able to support the total weight of heavier users. Again, before purchasing this type of medical bed, make sure it’s been tested with people who weigh more than 350 pounds for safety purposes.

Motorized Bed Offers Customized Comfort

While manually adjustable beds do allow people to lower and raise the head and foot of the mattress by using human power, some motorized beds can use that same motion to help create a customized sleeping surface. For example, if your partner snores or moves around too much during bedtime, you may want an adjustable bed like the ones we carry at Healthcare Lifts that automatically raises your side

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